Friday, 18 November 2011

10 Reasons Why Staff Wants To Quit

From the point of view of employees, management is often done in ways that make no sense. When the economy is slow, jobs are few and far between or people are afraid, staff tolerate management behaviors and policies that are nonsensical (in their eyes), or that they consider harmful.

But when the staff meets to eat and began to criticize the management are the top 10 reasons why staff leave.

10. "My boss is arrogant and believes his own press clippings." Therefore, staff feels taken advantage of ..

9. "My director of the micro rather than relying on staff to achieve." Staff hates the boss and seek ways to resist the more controlled.

8. "My manager is crushing my drive and desire." Hired because they were intelligent, energetic leaders are afraid that it would not be seen as a bright light (the reason for success), and crush the qualities that have made the new employee attractive to hire (and want to join).

7. "My boss guesses what you need without resorting to any information or facts." Maybe he has the facts, but certainly not the impression you have reported, "It 'my way or the highway." There are many new roads have been built in this country, and the staff to leave, however, can be abused.

6. "I am treated like a child." Look, there's often generational differences in how managers and employees work. Younger employees may be a "know-it-all" attitude and a sense of technology, the technology to perform tasks. The staff feels misunderstood and suffer from their leader.

5. "Administrator of promoting someone from another function that includes work and how to achieve success." The staff does not believe they can learn from this person, the judges who is an anchor around your service and can not stand that they passed over the promotion.

4th "My boss is extremely critical." The only way they interpret their boss is happy, in the absence of nit-picking.

3. "I threw my ideas a little clearer and I have to figure out what I really wanted." The staff has had two rock and a hard task and does not know the destination or have a clear understanding of what needs to get done.

Second "I do not have sufficient resources to do the job." Mounting 10 pounds of stuff into a five pound bag is quite difficult. Imagine you are ten pounds and have a hurry to get there! Staff often believe they have sufficient resources to do a job.

And the main reason why your employees want to quit smoking:

"My company is grossly underpaying me." Show me the money! Staff can read job advertisements online and learn what their real value. As much as you can love and work, in the end people to realize they have to pay your bills and start thinking about leaving.

Their staff is abusing or taking a staffing solution is their responsibility (as they are for you). Instead of taking their continued employment for granted, motivate, stimulate, encourage and coach and they will do anything for you (at almost any price).