Thursday, 17 November 2011

Exploiting Its Board Of Revenue

Here are just a few ways to increase and diversify your

income from your consulting business.

1. To sell more services to existing customers

Instead of spending all the time and money trying to get

new business, why not try to sell more services to their

existing customer base?

If you are an accountant and tax consulting firm, to

For example, it is likely that customers who need help

their records and documentation. Over

the tax year-end, could provide monthly

accounting and financial statements, the accounting system

settings, training in accounting software, or other services

to help your client?

Monthly services, in addition to the fees charged per year,

help you smooth out your cash flow and minimize seasonal

nature of their business.

2. Is your opinion of the mass market for their services Productizing

Could you elaborate a report sheet, specials, newsletters,

e-books, books, audio cassettes, video or course? If this is the case,

could enjoy making money even when you're not billing for

time. During sleep or on vacation, the sale of its

information products can generate additional revenue

for you.

Sell ​​these products through direct mail, mail,

Export and Internet marketing (your own website

their own affiliate programs, eBay auctions, and so on).

As well as passive, residual income, that the information

products can produce for you, but also help establish your

credibility as an expert. This, in turn, produces more

consulting opportunities for you.

3. Perform Group Consulting

Seminars, workshops, and teleclasses that you can help

many participants in a cost-effective. Also

to pay for admission, your attendees may also purchase

some of the information products or even become your

the regular consulting clients.

4. Others believe that the market

Could you sell your consulting services to federal, state,

provincial or municipal governments? Could it be a

expert witness test?

If you consult with local clients, could expand

achieve national or international telephone using the

and the Internet?

These few ideas are a starting point for you to brainstorm

every opportunity to explode your income advice.