Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Tools To Start And Maintain A Small Business

We believe there are three factors that determine the success of small businesses.

1) The acquisition of an initial capital

2) to find customers

3) accounting, budgeting and controlling sales and expenses

The following resources will help your business achieve these success factors small.

The acquisition of initial capital

An adequate supply of capital is essential as many profitable businesses fail because they do not have enough money to pay employees and suppliers. But what is an adequate amount of capital? The only way to know is making a significant amount of research on your potential market and formally documenting this in a business plan. I'm sure you know a business plan is a very important document that is crucial to convince your bank to lend money.

There are two ways to get a business plan.

1) Do it yourself by amending a business plan model, or

2) Hire a professional do it for you.

Clearly, to obtain 1) will be much cheaper.

Our research has led to the site, which has more than 60 high quality and free business plan templates. We also found a directory that allows you to easily find a business plan writer in your city - where ever you live in the world.

Finding Customers

Finding customers is a. Difficult and costly for service business owners such as accountants, lawyers and plumbers believe that a profitable marketing strategy for service business owners is to simply give all their personal contacts a few cards.

Our research has led to some sites that are business card templates. We felt that the diversity and quality of these models was excellent. In addition, we discovered that you can get a significant savings to find the print service on the Internet. We noticed that you would get 2000 full color business cards for a minimum of U.S. $ 150

Accounting, budgeting and controlling income and expenditure

Accurate accounting is very important for small business owners. It is essential that you have quick access to information that could make or break your business. If stocks are low - you need to know about it. If a large portion of their debtors do not get paid - you need to know. If you do not react to these situations quickly you may have a situation where you do not have enough money to pay their employees - or worse still someone is stealing money from the box.

Our research has led to a website that compares and reviews top accounting software for small businesses. The cheapest software cost U.S. $ 89.99 and the most expensive software cost U.S. $ 1,499. It 'was interesting to note that the first 3 classified sites are the most expensive and cost between U.S. $ 250 - $ 300 U.S..

Hopefully you now have an idea of ​​some of the tools you can use to develop and maintain your small business. If you want to take advantage of our research please visit our website. We do not charge for this research and provide content for free on our site.