Friday, 18 November 2011

Why Online Presence Is Essential To The Success Of Small Businesses

If you have a small business or home business operated, online presence is crucial. The majority of web visitors are English speaking population due to high levels of the Internet in this category, online presence for all small businesses can not be stressed enough. Research data in the U.S. on online connectivity reveals the following facts that can help them understand the importance of web presence for businesses, especially small businesses.

70% of U.S. households have an Internet connection.

In 2004, world population ever online was 801 million worldwide.

Of these, 36% use the English language. This is the United States alone accounts for nearly 200 million.

The next major group was European languages ​​with 38% and the largest single language next to English was Chinese accounting for 14%.

The web home users were generally wealthy, educated, and belonged to the younger age profile. This means that the web presence for any business is necessary if you want to succeed in promoting their products and services to a population that can afford and are willing to buy.

Households who do not own a computer, or who were not connected to the Internet, it is not generally considered useful or necessary and too expensive.

What this means for a small business is that they are best placed to promote their products to people who were online.

You small business success are related to the online presence