Friday, 18 November 2011

Economic Warning For Americans ARMOR Moral

For years we have suffered in the recession, which led to wonder when will it end? My answer is: "It's just the beginning."

Historically, recessions are the result of high interest rates, increased due to the policy of losing money. Recovery when citizens begin to spend more wisely, save money and pay its debts, but not this time. Never before have credit policies been so loose for so long, and there is no reduction of consumer debt. It 'still growing, but Americans are not fundamentally to blame; immoral monetary policy.

Banks used to consider a candidate secure a loan is 36% or less debt-income ratio (debt divided by gross income). This percentage is the figure showing the consolidated financial health of an individual. Now, the worst economy for twenty years and no signs of recovery, our banks gladly loan to applicants by 56% of gross debt. What has changed? Are banks suddenly more generous? I do not think so. A good question is why banks are willing to accept the additional risk? But the real question is: Where is the money?

There is one in a thousand Americans knows the true nature of our banking system because they have no idea what happened in 1929 is about to happen. They know that this was done deliberately then, and today is quite deliberate.

We in this country a corrupt institutions known to man, and I refer to the Federal Reserve. Since it's inception in 1913, every dollar created has interest being paid as it is on loan. This debt can not be extinguished without destroying the same coin, and has created a nightmare of debt, which currently has over $ 360 billion in interest paid each year, accounting for half the nation's personal income tax. That's why America is forced to create a $ 7 billion a day to cover $ 1 billion to pay interest on a daily basis, because the Federal Reserve System. That is, if the public comes in.

Federal Reserve Banks have to find a way to spend $ 6 billion each day, while hiding the inflation it causes. Through the nineties, it was done through real estate and stock markets. Now it is almost exclusively made in real estate. How on earth could Lenders offer as much interest as, without money, several hundred thousand or one million U.S. dollars of loans with high applicant debt ratios?

Here is a hypothetical example of what will happen: Your mortgage banker tells you with a debt ratio of 56%, you can afford a $ 300 000 house, no money. To secure the loan at 4%, costing $ 1432 per month. A few years later, they ran out of work for three months. The arrears amount to $ 4,296, plus late charges, fees, etc, and another $ 5k on cars, credit cards and everything else. Unable to catch up, will try to refinance, but interest rates rose from 7%. $ 310 000 loan now costs $ 2,062 per month more than they can afford, but banks have tightened lending policies by 36% and you no longer qualify for the home you own anyway. Accounting for all other debts, you now have the right to an amazing $ 360 per month. You are trapped, and the bankruptcy laws pushed to never let him walk.

You owned this home a perfect setting numbers, but all the complications, unemployment, wage cuts, interest rates, exchange ratio of debt, bruises rating, depressed home values ​​- and you're cooked. One mishap and every financial measure works against you. Your financial angel has suddenly become your greatest enemy. Welcome to the Federal Reserve System and their freshly designed for a global depression.

If you are going to address the new housing market, you find that you do not qualify for a $ 55k house now, with the market of buyers who were waiting to unload their house balloons. The bank does not, is to auction and you are personally responsible for the difference, which could be massive. Bankruptcy is just around the corner, and unfortunately, that is the only person who will be responsible. It will be a debt slave as the Federal Reserve has the intention and the game.

My advice is to get as financially stable as possible. Mathematically, our situation is much worse than the Great Depression. No matter how generous these bankers appear, to streamline the monthly invested 36% of the D / I or less. Set aside three to six months of the mortgage if you become unemployed. Make sure you can weather the storm.

We are at a point in American society where it's either them or us, and mass awareness is the key to our survival. Most people think the Fed is part of the government, but it's just a name. Fed is a private company created for itself, with a dark history of stock market crashes, financial panics, political manipulation and, ultimately, mass poverty and hunger riots. Our struggle is not new: currency control has switched from public to private eight times since the founding of our country, and must be recovered by the people one last time.

Do not think you can play helpless and expect our political leaders to protect themselves against financial disaster, they never. You must become a moral army on your own. Do not be tricked into believing that the system is optimized for the benefit of all. Federal Reserve System is not an equitable institution, and it was never intended. They believe that if we have extended the debt, we are not a threat to them. Let us prove the opposite.

Monetary reform is the most important issue facing Americans today. How to play to determine if you and your children eat or not, if you have a place to live, or even a hope for the future. The media mocks anyone speaking against the Fed, to validate the biggest moral dilemma of the story for yourself, just google "Jackson bank veto."

America must abolish the Federal Reserve System back to manage the economy and our government. Concise history of world monetary policy and how it shapes world events can be found in the moral armor. Then share this information with your friends. Send this article by e-mail to all contacts, and stay tuned for further developments. We turn the system together and bring brighter dawn of mankind.