Friday, 18 November 2011


Put join a group on your to-do list with a big underline, star and happy face. You'll be glad you have done for other reasons you can count on. And this advice comes from non-networker who confirmed this for 20 years in business, considered networking a colossal waste of time. The old dog is here with a new trick.

Business networking groups to connect people, most of the time, are independent, successful entrepreneurs or corporate folk paid truly paid for their work. (See commissioned salesperson) for all types of businesses these networkers represent vary, but common is that they come together to share, learn and become better at their craft.

Meetings are held networking at the time they are practical enough for even the most type A business owner. Early in the morning to noon, or evening are the times of meeting and all involve some food, contests and sometimes cocktails.

Etiquette is a network which is a mixture of business sense, and remember what your mother taught you. It would be nice. Smile. Not genuine. Do not want to see all the way to dazzle you have a slick sales pitch. You can be sure to meet lots of people, hand out lots of cards, but to give precedence. Listen more than talk. Question more than you answer. Next to someone else and their plight.

What's in it for me? This is the question in a normal conversation in many companies. This is what you get when you join a networking group:

New contacts - what the company can not use more contacts? Entrepreneurs friends you meet might be to use the service. They also know a lot of people, and is not afraid to recommend to you.

You look like an expert to your customers. And you meet new professionals, no hesitation in recommending their clients to manage tasks that do not. Their actions will increase considerably with the client for being a willing problem solver.

Education. The meetings always revolve around a guest speaker who will give you valuable information on topics ranging from accounting to law, sales to hiring an employee and much more.

Friendship. Everyone can use more friends. Imagine playing golf with others who share your passion.

For advice. Ask around and a man happy to give free networkers, and many are already facing the same situation now.

Find a group of local networks and get involved. This will be one of the best decisions you ever made. Go ahead. Write it down. Your task list is pending.