Friday, 18 November 2011

Four Simple Steps To Get Better Results In Your Resume

Is every job description you read the same thing? No.

Are all jobs that you send your resume to the same thing? Of course not.

If all these job descriptions are different, why send the same resume?

Every day, people will continue to send the same generic, as if every situation was similar, and each employer was trying to use the same skills and qualities. Too often, their performances are like a broken clock is right twice a day, hit or miss success.

To list your name, address, phone number and email address, list an objective, education and the chronology of the experience with the dates of employment. The resume includes some successes or accomplishments. This is your resume.

In the days before computers, you will need to continue to change the re-type different versions, this was significant. Today, when computers allow you to edit, correct spelling and grammar check documents so easily, you're missing opportunities and to pay the money to be lazy and not tailoring your resume for every opportunity you are interested

Here are several steps that you can do to improve your resume and get better results.

1. Every employer is interested in different features of your experience. They are often illustrated by the objects that describe a job offer. Emphasize your experience in the field of research capabilities and functions you can perform the work they are asked to do. If you are looking for personal position, emphasize your own experience and minimize your management experience. If you get hired to be a leader, to write the leadership recently.

2. Employers are more interested in a recent paper, instead of working with several years ago. More space in your resume to highlight the experience of recent years, instead of things to do before George W. Bush became president.

3. Like the setting of a target, where they make specific, measurable, achievable for a certain period, describing the successes or achievements concretely. Cost reduction is a good start, but it is more efficient to describe something by reducing operational costs globally by 2%. Increased department sales by 27% as a result. . . You get the idea.

4. Ask someone you trust is a critique of what you wrote. Too often people believe they can not do it alone without seeking help. Ask your friends in your industry what you have written critical to convince you to target and characterless.

When you go to a restaurant and order a meal, you can expect to be prepared in a way that you like, and are beautifully presented on a plate. Writing a good start will require that you have to cook and prepare a meal that is visually appealing and tastes great!